About Us

Overall Objective

To facilitate young women’s efforts to be transformative leaders and innovators, capable of remarkable achievements


Young women organized and thriving in innovative productive and sustainable initiatives and in leadership


To enable young women get organized and thrive in innovative productive sustainable initiatives that support their leadership quests

Theory of Change

In the past, The Jennifer Riria Foundation sought to reach out to young women and girls, by finding
solutions to the issues that impacted them directly, with the foundations’ focus being:

In a new strategic move, the Jennifer Riria foundation will now redirect its efforts toward working with young women innovators between 15 – 29 years of age.

These young women are at an impressionable age for business and innovation, problem-solving and social impact.
They have a fresh outlook on life and present an opportunity for optimism and growth as socially conscious people and exceptional entrepreneurs and innovators.

JRF’s main focus is on innovation which essentially is the disruption of a normal state of being. We are cognizant of the fact that even though the world needs change, it equally needs socially conscious innovators who not only strive to make the most out of their ideas but work to leave the world better than they found it.

JRF has centred this new approach on the Sustainable Development Goals; young women doing brilliant things around each SDG. The scale of what they are doing at the point of contact with JRF is not important, it is the solution it presents and the impact it can have when scaled sustainably.

Governance Structure

Our Patron

The Board of Directors


Program Staff

The CEO and programs staff is answerable to the board of directors. The board liaises with the patron on policy matters on a quarterly basis.

The internal reporting mechanism constitutes a weekly meeting between the team and the CEO. This meeting records updates on all running programs, proposals to donors and all running partnerships. It also covers new funding opportunities and strategies to increase funding to the organization. The program’s staff provides monthly reports to the CEO who reports with the Board of Directors every quarter.

External reports to partners and donors will be provided in accordance with the agreed timelines outlined in the partnership documentation.