Our Approach

JRF’s key focus is creating sustainable solutions to spur growth in women’s initiatives that drive them towards becoming transformative leaders in political, social and economic sphere.


Identify The Problem


Assessing The Scope


Identify A Sustainable Solution


Activate Resources


Tracking and Follow Up

The foundation’s approach therefore is to seek out and identify areas where women need assistance under JRF’s pillars


The foundation plans to achieve this through proper monitoring of initiatives, getting information from news outlets, internet searches and liaising with young people.

The first step is to identify an area of interest, then embark on face to face meetings and visits to the areas to further assess the scope of the challenge. These visits are used to engage in discussions with the young people to articulate possible solutions

The Jennifer Riria foundation is centered on catalyzing sustainable solutions to any given challenge. At this point, the foundation will then allocate the necessary resources to achieve the expected results and outcomes.

The last stage in the approach is monitoring and evaluation which includes: