Our Stories

This is a collection of stories of young women and girls as well as powerful women who are shattering the glass ceilings in everything they do.

This blog presents a space where these women can share their stories, share insights and inspire the next generation to do the same and even better!


She is a True Lioness and the founder and patron of the Jennifer Riria Foundation. She is also  the Group CEO of Echo Network Africa and one of Africa’s leading women entrepreneurs who has always been on a mission to transform the lives of women and their families in Kenya and Africa as a  whole.

In this video, she addresses the Young African Women Congress during their East Africa conference. She delves into little-known details of her journey through school, family and business that have led her to become the exemplary woman of power she is today!


She is a legal practitioner an Associate of the Nigerian Institute of chattered arbitrators, former customary court chairman in Enugu State, and chairperson League of women voters of Nigeria Enugu state chapter an NGO that empowers women from age 18 and above politically and economically for national development. 

Her story is one of resilience through impossible situations. Watch to see how she navigated through getting married while in school, pushing hard to complete her studies, and emerging as one of the great women in politics in Nigeria.

She is a women leader in Uasin Gishu County. Her story is one of resilience and wisdom. Pursuing a career in active politics in a highly patriarchal community is hard. Changing mindsets and opening up a very conservative community to the benefits of embracing the role of women in leadership is an uphill task. However, she has managed to rise to the top and is constantly inspiring young women to boldly take on leadership roles within their communities and their careers as well.

She is highly skilled in Sales Tax, Internal Audit, Fixed Assets, Managerial Finance, and Payroll. She shares her journey to leadership in a predominantly male field, the challenges she faced, and how she was able to overcome them to attain success. Mavis is passionate about all matters women and young girls and is continuously seeking out new ways to grow and empower them for success.

She narrates her journey growing up in a highly cultured society. Her story is one of mentorship, growth, and resilience as a gender specialist and influencer. She has risen above the hardships of a patriarchal society to become a Doctor of Education in a society that has great gender disparity. Her passion for women’s empowerment is fostered by her work with a Ghanaian-based NGO Leah’s Dream which has grown from sponsoring education for 1 girl to more than 36 girls.